Mission Statement:
  Relevant Engineering & Design exists to provide the manufacturing industry  with premium quality automation services designed to meet their specific needs. With a  focus on practicality, we strive to produce the best possible product at a  reasonable price.

   We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of success, and respect between all  parties involved is essential. We believe that the best business relationships are  built on fair and equitable business practices, and only this can ensure the  longevity of a business through today and into the future.

   We believe in treating our customers, vendors, and contractors with consideration.  Innovation is not the product of individuals, but a convergence of minds and ideas.

About Us:

    With over 30 years of manufacturing, machining and  automation experience as both an end user and service  provider, we at Relevant Engineering & Design consider multiple aspects of a project. We address the key factors of  the project such as ease of  operation, ease of maintenance,  operating cost, repair parts  availability and overall reliability. We evaluate not just our customers immediate  need, but their future needs as well.

    Our approach to a project is one of logic. As our motto states  our focus is on simplicity, practicality and effectiveness. A logical solution will incorporate all  of these qualities, and the project will deliver on  our customers expectations of productivity, quality, reliability and ultimately profitability.

    We serve all aspects of the manufacturing industry including  robotics, dedicated automation, semi automated processes,  material handling, etc.

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 Relevant Engineering & Design                    (909) 702-3038                    info@relevantengineering.com

  7433  Westwood  Dr.

  Riverside, CA 92504